Why is now a great time to own a Pizzeria Uno franchise?

Our pizza franchise is poised to conquer the $47 billion pizza industry 

No matter how you slice it, the pizza business is booming. Everywhere you look, it seems there is a pizza chain popping up, ready to sling out their version of America’s favorite food. But not all pizza concepts are created equally, and in the crowded pizza space, standing out can be a challenge.

Our pizza franchise stands out in the crowd for three important reasons, as Pizzeria Uno President Erik Frederick explains. In fact, Erik thinks there’s never been a better time to own Pizzeria Uno than right now.   

“The Pizzeria Uno brand is extremely well-known,” Erik notes. “We’re an established franchisor with over 40 years’ experience in supporting the growth and development of entrepreneurs.”   

With a popular product, a huge, untapped market, and a premium price point, Pizzeria Uno is the pizza joint you’ve been looking for. 

Pizzeria Uno is well-known for our amazing pizzas 

When it comes to Chicago-style deep dish pizza, one name stands above all the others: Pizzeria Uno. And it should. After all, we invented the market segment in 1943.    

It seems no matter where you go, “Chicago-style Pizza” and “Pizzeria Uno” go hand in hand. In a recent survey, diners responding to a USA Today survey named our pizza the best Chicago-style pizza.  

“We invented Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and people can’t get enough of it. But to get it, they had to come to Chicago,” Erik says. “The market is wide open for the kind of high-quality pizza we serve. No one is doing original, Chicago-style deep dish pizzas the way Pizzeria Uno can.”  

We’re far more than Chicago-style pizza. Pizzeria Uno serves up all kinds of authentic and delicious pizza our millions of fans love. Our thin crust pizza is a fan favorite. We deliver unique spins on tried and true classics, such as our Margherita, Spicy Hawaiian, Veggie Extravaganza, as well as innovative new flavor profiles, such as our Nashville Hot Pizza, which matches Nashville hot chicken with our incredible pizza.  

Pizzeria Uno also offers a wide array of gluten free pizzas, salads, sandwiches and more. We have something for everyone, and can accommodate every dietary preference.    

With Pizzeria Uno, you’re bringing one of the most popular pizza products in America to your community. A Pizzeria Uno franchise provides you with a popular, well-known product unique in an otherwise-saturated industry.  

The Pizzeria Uno menu drives higher per-guest revenues 

Americans love pizza. It’s one of the most popular foods in the country. Every day, consumers devour more than 30 million slices of pizza!  

3 billion pizzas own Pizzeria Uno franchise

At more than $47 billion annually, pizza spells big business for entrepreneurs across the country. Yet, for most pizza franchise owners, it’s a business with narrow margins. The business models of most pizza franchises focus on value-priced menus, leading to lower per-ticket revenues, as Fred Houston, Vice President of Franchise Operations with Pizzeria Uno, explains.    

“With most pizza franchises, it’s a race to the bottom, where the lowest price wins,” Brett says. “But our pricing model avoids that fight by focusing on serving premium pizzas made with the best ingredients and dough made from scratch every day. As a result, our per-ticket revenues are much higher than any other pizza restaurant in the space.”   

So if you want to own a popular, historic, and established brand serving foods with a higher per-ticket average revenue than other fast-casual restaurant franchises, owning a Pizzeria Uno franchise is a good option for you to consider. 

We have prime territory available 

Pizzeria Uno is an established brand with a strong identity and tremendous goodwill. We have prime territory in markets across the country.  

We’re ready to rapidly grow. Pizzeria Uno has enough green space to support single-unit owner-operators, as well as multi-unit franchise professionals seeking to grow their portfolio. Now is the right time to join our growing pizza franchise system. 

“Other pizza franchises are either sold out or have oversold every market they’re in,” says Fred Houston, Vice President of Franchise Operations. “But Pizzeria Uno has territories available pretty much everywhere, and that means big opportunities for all kinds of entrepreneurs.”  

Pizzeria Uno franchise deep dish pizza  

Ready to bring a Pizzeria Uno franchise to your community? 

If you’re passionate about bringing an iconic pizza experience to your community, we want to hear from you. Download our free Franchise Information Report. Or reach out to one of our knowledgeable franchise sales experts today. Now is the right time to make great pizza. 


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