What is a Pizzeria Uno Franchise?

The neighborhood pizzeria franchise that every neighborhood needs

In 1943, Ike Sewell changed pizza forever when he opened Pizzeria Uno and introduced the first Chicago-style deep dish pizza. With that first slice of pie, Ike cemented the bond between Chicago and Pizza, and changed the world forever. Today, Pizzeria Uno, your neighborhood pizzeria franchise, is known all over the world as a pizza brand with a soul.

With over 80 locations in 20 states plus UAE, India, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, our brand has won millions of fans who love our iconic menu, our exceptional hospitality, and our ability to become part of the communities we serve.

“This is what people want right now. An authentic pizza experience in their own neighborhood. That’s what we deliver,” says Fred Houston, Vice President of Franchise Operations. “They want the flavors, the atmosphere, and they want it right down the street from their house. That’s what franchising with Pizzeria Uno offers.”

In 2021, Pizzeria Uno is ready for continued growth. With a flexible business model that allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on the best real-estate opportunities in their market, state-of-the-art technology that simplifies operations, and an iconic menu millions of people love, Pizzeria Uno is the right neighborhood pizzeria franchise for right now.

Deliver an authentic pizza experience

Loving Pizzeria Uno is second nature to company President and CEO Erik Frederick. After all, this Chicagoland native has been eating our authentic pizza for more than 50 years.

“I remember on Saturday nights, we would get in the car, drive 45 minutes to downtown, stand in line on the sidewalk for 45 minutes, and then wait another 45 minutes for our pizza,” Erik says. “Today, Pizzeria Uno is taking delicious, authentic, Chicago-style deep dish to neighborhoods everywhere. Without the 45 minute wait!”

Today’s customers are more active. They don’t want to wait. They want to eat quickly and run, or grab something quick, so they can relax over a meal. We’ve made changes to our cooking process and invested in technological innovations to reduce cooking time significantly. As an example, cooking a traditional deep-dish pizza could take as long as 50 minutes. Now, Pizzeria Uno can deliver that same pizza experience in a fraction of the time.

Over the last five decades, Pizzeria Uno has learned a thing or two about consumers. They want a variety of options in an inviting atmosphere with great service. The new Pizzeria Uno business model provides today’s diners with the right blend of dine-in and carry-out options.

Serve pizza with a soul in a business designed to scale

neighborhood pizzeria franchise Pizzeria Uno

Owning a pizza business means you’re part of the community in a fundamental way. Pizzeria Uno takes this very seriously. We know our customers are families with busy lives. They choose us not only because our food tastes great, but because we make them feel like they are at home.

Our franchise owners own businesses designed to become a long-lasting part of their neighborhoods. Our restaurant design incorporates features from the original Pizzeria Uno location, as well as local inspirations, such as murals from local high school art classes or historic photos from around the local community.

This all happens in a concept that requires a small retail footprint as little as 1,800 sq. feet with minimal staff. Our business model is designed to help our franchise owners run efficient businesses, manage food and labor costs, and maximize profitability.

“We like to think of Pizzeria Uno as pizza with a soul. Our pizzerias and the food we serve leads to loyal customers,” Erik says. “We are the place you come for that first date, after the big game, or just to hang out with friends after a busy day at work. All these years later, Pizzeria Uno is about making the kind of memories I made with my family and friends at the original location.”

More than just pizza, our pizza franchise encourages innovation and supports growth

While the heart of the Pizzeria Uno menu is our signature, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and our Chicago-style thin crust, there’s something on our menu for every diner. From our healthful salads to some of the best chicken wings on the planet, your customers can satisfy almost any craving.

More importantly, our pizza franchise is versatile. Our franchise owners are encouraged to lean into existing assets and infrastructure to maximize return on investment. Pizzeria Uno wants each franchise owner to put their stamp on their location. That means we are adaptable.

“We have restaurant design and architects on hand to produce plans, adapt designs, and incorporate unique elements to your Pizzeria Uno franchise location,” Fred Houston, our Vice President of Franchise, says. “That includes front of house, the kitchen, the exterior, wherever. If your location has a resource you think customers will enjoy, we adjust the model to incorporate that into your business.”

That means Pizzeria Uno can tailor menus and amenities to an existing restaurant facility to incorporate full-service bars, outdoor dining, and even fry stations. “If you have fryers in the kitchen, we’ll help you with menu items utilizing that asset to help increase revenues,” Fred says.

Pizzeria Uno decades of experience infographic

As a result, a Pizzeria Uno franchise can be a great option for a second-generation restaurant space. That’s not to say Pizzeria Uno won’t work in that shiny new strip center on the corner. Far from it, in fact!

Pizeria Uno Franchise Support

With Pizzeria Uno, you get help with:

  • Location selection
  • Site design, build out, or renovation
  • Comprehensive training both in our flagship store and in your home location
  • Marketing support and our extensive brand library
  • Operational training and support
  • Low food costs thanks to our national buying power
  • An iconic pizza name with tremendous brand equity and decades of customer loyalty

“The Pizzeria Uno brand is extremely well-known. With few exceptions, our pizza has not been available outside the Chicago area,” said Erik Frederick. “So join Pizzeria Uno and come make great pizza!”

Ready to invest in your own Pizzeria Uno franchise?

If you’re passionate about pizza and ready to bring our iconic brand to your community, fill out the inquiry form and start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dreams with a Pizzeria Uno neighborhood pizzeria franchise.


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