How much can I make with a Pizzeria Uno franchise?

Owning a Pizzeria Uno franchise is a best-bet investment 

Pizzeria Uno is one of the most innovative ways to own a part of the QSR trifecta of “hamburgers, chicken, and pizza.” That’s because we’re selling one of America’s most popular foods at a much higher price than the average pizza place. Now is the right time to consider owning a Pizzeria Uno franchise.

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According to the National Pizza Index, the average large pizza costs American consumers between $8.90 and $16, depending on their location. Pizzeria Uno signature pizza, the Uno, is priced more than $10 higher. This price point gives Pizzeria Uno a competitive edge in an industry challenged by labor shortages and spiraling cost of ingredients.  

“The value of our pizza model is qualitative in nature, not value-priced,” explains Fred Houston, Vice President of Franchise Operations. “Customers don’t come to Pizzeria Uno expecting to pay the lowest price for the cheapest pizza. They know they’re getting a premium pizza and a premium experience. This gives our franchise owners a lot of financial room to navigate business challenges.”  

Benefit from carry out and delivery revenue streams  

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed everything overnight. One of the most important changes struck the food service industry. Carry out and delivery became not only more important, but essential to all restaurant operators.   

“We weren’t a pizza delivery place. I’d bet carry-out accounted for less than 10 percent of revenues in most of our locations,” says President & CEO, Erik Frederick. “When the pandemic hit, though, we had to adapt. Carry out became the only source of revenue for all of our restaurants.”    

Luckily, pizza is a very portable product. The transition was easier to navigate for Uno owners than many other restaurant concepts. Now, delivery and carry-out are a fundamental part of our business model. Our franchise owners can serve their customers how they want to be served, and focus on growing their businesses.  

Pizzeria Uno capitalizes on 3rd Party Delivery options 

Owning a Pizzeria Uno franchise original storefront

After the pandemic, third-party delivery services are the new normal. Pizzeria Uno franchise owners are in an extremely advantageous position to capitalize on this trend.   

We’ve integrated third-party delivery services into our POS system. The strength of our brand means that we’re able to negotiate better rates for our franchise owners. In turn, our franchise owners expand the reach of their businesses beyond their four walls and connect with more potential customers than ever before.   

“We partnered with third-party services, incorporating their delivery systems into our ordering process, and this was transformative,” Erik says. “We get the benefits of delivering pizza without the labor, the liability, or the overhead.”    

Pizzeria Uno’s business model provides owners with the flexibility to blend in-store dining, carry out, and home delivery. This represents a “win-win” for franchise owners.

Would your community love to be home to a Pizzeria Uno franchise? 

Think your community would love an authentic pizza experience with the convenience of carry out and delivery? Download our free Franchise Information Report. Or reach out to one of our knowledgeable franchise sales experts today. Now is the right time to make great pizza. 


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