How much does a Pizzeria Uno Franchise cost?

Getting into the $47 billion pizza industry is more affordable than you might think 

The decision to become the next small business owner in your community is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. But it can lead to decades of fulfilling work, great experiences, and tons of awesome memories. It can also be very affordable. Keep reading to find out the Pizzeria Uno franchise cost.

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The cost of owning and operating a new Pizzeria Uno franchise is surprisingly low. This is especially true when you weigh the potentially lucrative opportunity of joining the $47 billion pizza industry. The total cost of investment ranges from $546,500 to $1,405,500. This depends on a host of factors that include location, real estate costs, or leasehold improvements.   

“Everything we’ve done is designed to help our franchisees make money, from the menu to the floor plan to the marketing,” says President and CEO Erik Frederick. “We succeed when you succeed, and that incentivizes us to keep costs down.” 

What makes Pizzeria Uno an affordable franchise to own and operate? 

As we see it, three key factors make Pizzeria Uno one of the most affordable pizza franchises to own and operate. We keep costs down by charging lower royalties, demanding fewer fees, and eliminating the commissary model.  

“Our franchise owners don’t order groceries from a central commissary where we take a big markup,” explains Vice President of Franchising Fred Houston. “They order items from national distributors where we’ve negotiated steep discounts and rebates, savings that get passed directly to franchise owners.”    

While many pizza franchises charge owners royalties as high as 7% of sales, Pizzeria Uno franchise owners pay a royalty of 5% of adjusted gross sales. At the same time, our franchise owners pay marketing CO-OP fees of 3% or less.    

Here are just a few types of fees other franchise systems charge that we do not:  

  • No per-transaction online ordering fee 
  • Pass through on rebates 
  • No commissary markup for groceries or supplies 
  • No credit card fees to the franchisor

Erik is proud of the Pizzeria Uno franchise model and its attention to cost controls. In fact, our franchise owners are able to manage their food costs more effectively because they benefit from the strength of our buying power.    

“Like I said, our success is tied to your success, so it’s in our best interest to keep your costs low,” Erik says. “That means you have the potential to realize a faster, higher return on your investment.”    

Ready to invest in your own Pizzeria Uno franchise?

If you’re passionate about pizza and are ready to bring our iconic brand to your community, fill out the inquiry form on this website and start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dreams with a Pizzeria Uno franchise.


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