Hotel Conversion

The latest franchise opportunity with Pizzeria UNO includes full-service UNOs restaurants that serve as restaurants that are connected to or affiliated with a hotel.

We are currently working successfully with:

  • Existing hotel owners who are converting their current hotel restaurant to a Pizzeria UNO branded restaurant
  • Hotel owners that are building out new hotels and restaurants
  • Owners of existing hotels that are adding a restaurant for the first time

Our hotel restaurant partners can recognize three potential revenue streams:

  • Dine-in for Hotel guests and the local community
  • Take-out or room service for Hotel guests
  • Take-out and/or delivery to the local community

This multi-opportunity revenue potential allows hotel owners to earn far beyond their existing or planned hotel restaurant revenue with a brand name that drive awareness and purchase occasions.

“Our brand name recognition and reputation carries much more appeal to the public than generic hotel concepts. The UNOs brand name helps drive traffic because it becomes a destination restaurant for both tourists and locals”, said CEO Erik Frederick “The revenue streams are multi-faceted which is very beneficial to franchisees”

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